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for that, the center of the world's economy is moving to asia, much more than it used to be. in 1902, when it was more u.s. and europe, when the rhodes was established. and i think that wringing bringg students to china is an essential part of their education. china is not longer an elective course. it's core curriculum. >> schieffer: as i understand it, this will impact 200 students a year. they get all expenses paid. they come to china. you're building a facility there modeled on the one where the rhodes scholars lived. and what is it, nearly, what, 45% of the them will be americans. the others will be chinese. and you have broad bipartisan support for this. i think i should underline that again. you have former secretaries of state, both exprns democrats, finance people, people in business. how long do you think it's going to take to you raise the rest of the money? how much have you got so far? >> we've been at it for six months. i think another six months ought to do it. it was a remarkable experience today at the great hall where new president wrote a lengther letter endorse the prog
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1